Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Fragmente: Fireworks

"It won't work."
"I know."
"Then why risk it? Why bet everything if you know you're gonna lose? You've never been a gambler."
"It's not gambling if you know the outcome."
"The outcome is that you'll lose everything."
"Not everything. Just all I have right now."
"And then what? Start over? Go back to lurking in the shadows?"
"You know me. I've never been a creature of the light."
"And yet you're orbiting a sun. Like pretty much all of us, I might add."
"Swinging by. I don't do orbits."
"So you're what? Halley's Comet?"
"More like a rogue planet."
"Drifting through the void? Collecting dust?"
"Collecting mass. Momentum. Energy."
"For what?"
"A collision course."
"From outside the fucking galaxy? You're bound to miss."
"I know. But it will be close."
"So what?"
"So we'll dance. One frantic, dizzying cosmic dance before we're thrust in opposite directions."
"You'll be dancing with the whole solar system. Disrupting a lot of orbits."
"And hopefully cause some collisions."
"And all this for what?"
I smile. "I've always loved fireworks."

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